G-Accon development team just finished a new release and added new features for beta testing:

1. Automatic Refresh – Data Operation Scheduler – Beta Test

Refresh your reports & dashboards automatically using a flexible schedule.

2.  Automatic Refresh – Notifications – Beta Test

Send real-time reports to your clients automatically.

3.  Automatic Refresh – Alerts – Beta Test

Data Monitoring & Alerts, create alerts and receive notifications if certain criteria is met.

Backup Your Reports, save reports snapshots to Google Drive to keep historical data.

5. “Refresh Current For All Organizations” – Beta Test – Refreshes all reports and queries in the current active sheet. Refresh works for multiple organizations.

6. “Refresh All For All Organizations”- Beta Test – Goes through all sheets in the current Google Spreadsheet and refreshes all reports and queries. Refresh works for multiple organizations.

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