We are very excited to announce, that we have added new functionality to our Hubspot application: data upload.

Currently, it works for following tables:

  •  Deals
  • Contacts
  • Companies

More are on the way.

Please see video demonstration:

Or you can go through the steps below:

    1. In the Google spreadsheet, create data to upload. You can download existing data from the Hubspot, import it from another application, or just create it manually. The first line should be the fields names. Better (but not mandatory), if it will be same, as field names in the Hubspot table. Select data you want to upload.
    2. In G-Accon menu, click “Update / Insert Selected Row(s)”
    3. Select table to upload to:
    4. After selection, matched Hubspot fields will be mapped automatically. Non-matched will be left blank:
    5. To match it, drug and drop the Hubspot field from the list of updatable fields. After this, check “Use” checkbox:
    6. Click “Go” button.
    7. You will receive the error message because the selected operation is “Update” and you do not have an ID field in your data.
    8. Select “Insert” and click “Go” again.
    9. This time data will be uploaded. You will see upload results in the columns to the right of your dataset. As you can see, one record has been uploaded, and another had received the Hubspot validation error because a wrong value in the “type” column.
    10. Change the value in the “type” column to “PROSPECT”, select two first rows and upload again. This time it will be uploaded.