Dear friends, in a couple of recent weeks we’ve got feedback from you about Deals data download. In particular, you correctly complained that current limit for the downloaded records number (2,000) is too small and that there is no way to filter deals before download.

And we listen to you. Unfortunately, there are technical limitations in Google Sheets and Hubspot, which do not allow us to download more deals. However there is a workaround, and we are working on it right now – estimated time of delivery is 3-4 weeks. Filters also will be added, maybe slightly later.

In the meantime, we have added two new types of deals to download, as a partial solution to this problem. These types are:

  • Deals Recently Created
  • Deals Recently Modified

Both types will return deals for the last 30 days, up to 2,000 records. Later, we will add the possibility to return deals created after a particular timestamp (but it still should be less than 30 days ago – Hubspot limitation). Also, there are plans to combine all three data types: Deals,  Deals Recently Created, and Deals Recently Modified into one (actually, it is one type, but there are three different ways to get it in Hubspot). Please stay tuned.

Please send us your feedback! We are good programmers, but it is YOU who knows the business, so, please, let us know what you need! We are a small startup with limited resources, so we need you to set up the priorities in our backlog: we cannot do everything simultaneously.