How to see your HubSpot email events

Dear customers, today we have added a new login type to our G-Accon for HubSpot add-on. So, at this moment, we have following login types:

  • Hubspot basic (content only) customer
  • Hubspot reports (content + reports)
  • Hubspot premium (all Hubspot data)

You may be confused: why there are so many login types and what type should you use? To answer this question, let me give you very brief and informal description of the HubSpot authentication.

HubSpot uses the industry standard, called OAuth (Open Authorization). The idea is following:

  1. When you open G-Accon for HubSpot menu and click on any “Sign In” item, our application will connect HubSpot and say: “Hey, I have a customer who wants me to get some data from his HubSpot account. And here is a list of HubSpot tables I need to get access to”.
  2. HubSpot will redirect you to the login page for authorization. Please pay attention: we never will see your password! This is the main idea of the OAuth.
  3. After the successful authorization, HubSpot will check, if it can provide access to the requested data. And here is the explanation, why we need three different login types: because of HubSpot has different access types. So, if you have access only to basic content, HubSpot will show an error, if our application will request access to reports or workflows.

So, here is the set of different types of HubSpot data:

  1. Contacts
  2. Content
  3. Files
  4. Forms
  5. Reports
  6. HubDB
  7. Social
  8. Workflows

And, now, please have a look, what each login type will request:

  • Hubspot basic (content only)
    • Contacts
    • Forms
  • Hubspot reports (content + reports)
    • Contacts
    • Forms
    • Content
    • Reports
  • Hubspot premium (all Hubspot data)
    • Contacts
    • Forms
    • Content
    • Reports
    • HubDB
    • Social
    • Workflows

As a rule of thumb, you always can start with more premium type and, if you get a Hubspot error after login, switch to the less premium.

Hope, this will make your choice less confusing.

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