New feature: auto-refresh

Dear friends, we are really excited to announce a new cool feature in our HubSpot plugin: auto-refresh.

It is really simple to use:

  • First, you have to download your HubSpot data into the spreadsheet tab.
  • Then, click menu  “Automation” → “Data Operations Scheduler”
  • In the Scheduler:
    • you can click “Execute now” to test, how it works
    • or create a new schedule for an automatic refresh: you can refresh:
      • once
      •  hourly
      • daily
      • weekly
      • monthly
  • That’s all! After each auto-refresh operation, a report will be added to the new spreadsheet tab and also can be sent to your or any provided email address.

Please see the demonstration video:


Few points:

  1. This feature is in beta stage now, so, if you will meet any problem, please contact us.
  2. When you will open the document for the first time after an update, Google will ask you to provide new permissions: “G-Accon for HubSpot wants to access your Google Account“. The reason for this is, that we have requested a new permission: to send emails. We need it to send you a report about the auto-refresh status.

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