Filtering records by the date.

Dear friends, we have added one more improvement which will allow you to filter records by the date interval.

To use it, go to the “Select the field to filter by” tab and select any field of the “date” type. You will see the input controls to the start and the end of the interval. Just select the correct dates and click the “+” button on the right to add the filter:


Please remember, that, if you use “Get recently modified only” or  “Get recently created only” filters on the 1st tab, you will get only records from the last 30 days. Select “Do not filter by dates” if you want to see all records (takes more time).

Also, sometimes we may guess incorrectly if the field’s type is “date” or not. In the future releases, we will allow you to assign the type if you need to.

We will update the date filtering in the next releases to make it less confusing.


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