Dear friends, during the recent few weeks, we have added a few improvements to our G-Accon for HubSpot plugin:

  • Performance: by dynamically adjusting page size and doing data parsing in parallel, we were able to significantly improve performance. Hopefully, you have noticed this.
    The key element in the performance improvement will be the number of columns you retrieve: than less will be this number than stronger will be the improvement. So, if you want to see your data faster, please select only columns you really need.
  • Engagements table: we have added a date filter, “Get recently created only (latest 30 days)” and “Get recently modified only (latest 30 days)”, and  “recently modified” filter set to default. This is also will significantly improve performance. We recommend using these filters as much, as possible, especially for auto-refresh: you obviously do not need to pull the whole data set each time.
  • Products table: we have added the one more data table to our plugin. It is available to all customers with  HubSpot  Sales Professional access.