Dear friends, recently we’ve got a few requests to improve data download functionality. and we always listen to you, so here is our list of improvements:

  • Emails de-linkifying: we thought, that it will be cool to see emails in the spreadsheet as clickable links. However, not everybody shares our view, so we have added a check-box to switch emails linkifying (it’s turned on by default).
  • Data cleaning before refresh: previously, we never would delete any data in your spreadsheet: we thought, that you will decide better if you want to keep old data or not. However, this may result in a mess, especially for auto-refresh. So now we will give you an option to decide< if you want to allow us to delete the previously downloaded data or not. Again, the new checkbox has been added to the “Pull Settings” tab.
    Important: please be aware, that, when we clean old data, we clean only the rectangle with downloaded data. If you have formulas column right to it, it will be intact.
    Also important: if you want to modify an existing download configuration, please open it in the “Update/Modify/Delete pull templates”, make sure, that flag “delete old data” is checked, and execute download (only once, after this auto or manual refresh will work).
  • Filters: there was a bug which prevented saved filters to be shown at pull template editing tab, it’s fixed now.

Please have a look at the screenshot with new options: