New automatic download scheduler

Dear friends, recently we’ve got complaints from some premium customers about data not pulled down during auto-refresh. The most probable cause for this is that Google has 6 min. timeout for the automatic operations, so, if there is a lot of data to pull, the Google Spreadsheets will shut down the request.

Especially this may happen, if you have more, than one tab in your spreadsheet. In such a case, it’s very easy to have a total download time more, than 6 min.

To deal with this problem, we introduce the individual auto-refresh settings for each spreadsheet’s tab. These settings are optional, and, if you do nothing, the master auto-refresh settings will be used. Also, the tab-level autorefresh will be engaged only, when your master auto-refresh is turned on.

For the two long requests, we recommend to setup auto-refresh time for “odd hours” and “even hours”, so these request will be executed separately.

Please see the video for more details.

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