Many of Xero’s users have asked how and where they can find Purchase Order reports from their Xero accounts. Although we can’t be certain as to which applications would be the best fit for your company’s needs, G-Accon has developed a useful solution that has already been utilized by many G-Accon customers.

G-Accon has many powerful financial report functions which consolidate purchase orders and invoices from each customer. Some of the available financial reports that will be beneficial to your business are Purchase Order, Purchase Order Details, Purchase Order Summary, Customer Running Account Summary, Customer Running Account Details, and Sales Invoice Summary.

Another helpful component is that the G-Accon report generation feature can be automated and scheduled. Through the G-Accon for Xero add on, you won’t have to worry about fresh data when you start your day. It will already be there. If you need to download your reports from multiple Xero organizations, you can do that as well.
You also have the ability to automate your data uploads, including Purchase Orders. They can also be scheduled through the G-Accon application. G-Accon provides the capability to generate reports with specified purchase order statuses (Draft, Approve, Billed), regions, and static or dynamic data. In the purchase order summary report, you have the ability to compare this report with 24 previous periods. As usual, reports can be pulled up manually or automatically based on the master or Google Sheet level schedule which you can set up.

You also don’t have to recreate your templates because G-Accon allows you to update your template and make it a part of your update process.

You also have the ability to pull raw financial data for your Purchase Order, create templates and use them for all your Xero accounts. There are no limits on how many Xero accounts you can have.

Purchase Order Data

You can also create purchase order templates and upload purchase orders to your multiple Xero accounts. This can also be automated and the create template can then be saved and reused. After PO reports are generated, they can be shared with your customers, team members and management. A PO report can be sent manually or autmatically in an Excel, PDF, CSV or Google Sheets format.

As G-Accon recently released multi-currency feature you have now the ability to generate reports in your desired currency and conviniently, both G-Accon and Xero currently support over 160 currencies.