• Automatically export raw data from Quotes table into Google Sheets
  • New Reports: Quotes Details, Quotes Pivot Table, and Quotes Summary
  • Upload quotes to Xero organizations from Google Sheets

What has been introduced by G-Accon for Xero?

Xero recently introduced Quotes API. You can read more about this long awaited feature request here:

Our Xero users are now able to send professional online quotes to clients and customers on the spot. Furthermore, when you need to bill a customer, you can simply create an invoice from that quote.

Xero can identify quotes that have been sent out and see if they have been viewed. You can use online quotes to see whether they have been accepted or if you need to follow up. Prospective customers can accept, decline, or comment on your quote with the click of a button and can easily edit and resend a quote if needed.

What does it mean for G-Accon customers?

G-Accon customers now have the ability to get Quotes accounting data, Quotes Details, Quotes Pivot Table, Quotes Summary reports, and are able to upload Quotes to your Xero organizations.

Get Accounting Quotes Data

All of your quotes can now be pulled from your Xero organizations to Google Spreadsheets. To get accounting data from Xero accounts, you need to be logged into Xero. Then, you need to select from the menu Add-ons -> G-Accon for Xero -> Get Accounting Data -> Quotes.

Select the Quotes option from the drop down menu. You can select “all attributes” or “some attributes” based on your preferences. You can also expand attributes to the see the whole structure with sub-attributes or even collapse them. For more details see our documentation – Quotes Accounting Data

You now have the ability to pull your quotes using the Dynamic and Static Date Range and select the desired column order. With this tool, you can filter and sort your query. As soon as your column order is customized, all of your refreshed data will be displayed based on the order you defined in your template.

Generate Quotes Reports

We have introduced three Quotes reports for you: Quotes Details, Quotes Pivot Table, and Quotes Summary.

In Quotes Details Report, you will be able to see the Quote Date, Quote number, reference, customer, description, account, tax rate, discount, status, and more in your Google Spreadsheet. Learn more about quote reports here.

Executed Quotes Details

Upload Quotes to Xero organizations from Google Sheets

You can also now manually or automatically upload Quotes to your Xero organizations. See the detailed documentation how to upload Quote table.

G-Accon for Xero gives you the ability to print/export reports on Quotes, which shows all Quotes-related details like account codes, the description field, the terms, and status. You are then able to share these reports with your clients, peers, and management.

With reports like these, your team will be able to use our tool for all your quoting needs. This would also remove the need to keep separate spreadsheets and would mean that all of your sales can be managed through Google Spreadsheets from start to finish.

G-Accon seamlessly works hand-in-hand with other popular business tools such as Google Chart, Google Data Studio, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI to provide your company with thorough business reports. Quotes is an additional feature that can help you close the gap in your financial data representation. G-Accon essentially acts as a bridge between your company’s financial data and cohesive visualization tools that can be used to powerfully present your figures and statistics.