As the Award-winning Emerging Application Xero Partner of the Year 2018 in Xero Awards Americas, we are thrilled to announce that G-Accon for Xero has become a Recommended Application and it is now a Featured app in Xero Marketplace!

Xero has 4 tiers of app partners: Connected, Connected+, Recommended and Preferred. Out of 800+ applications in Xero marketplace there are only a few apps in the Recommended or Preferred tier and G-Accon is one of them! If you want to be a Recommended Partner, you’ll have to contribute and maintain more than 1,000+ active connections to Xero, grow connections over 50% annually, and have positive reviews on Xero Community. Our annual user growth rate is 130%!

Thank you to all of our users for your support! We are grateful to our users that made all of this possible.

How did we achieve the “Recommended” status?

In the past year, we introduced over 50 enhancements and features to our service, including UK Payrolls, Quotes, and the Sharing Templates Cloud solution for our G-Accon customers. We have also managed to improve the speed and efficiency of our application. By working very closely with our loyal customers, we were able to ease and enhance their experience with G-Accon for Xero and assist them in their day-to-day routines.

How do we maintain our high level of customer satisfaction?

Every month, we release updates that go into detail about all of our recent enhancements from that month, including step-by-step documentation associated with the changes. We also have a blog session in which we explain the benefits of whatever new feature/module we added and go over scenarios in which the new addition could be used. We created a public Trello board where our users can submit their ideas and feature requests and track them on the roadmap: Most of these requests have been implemented and are in Production. Additionally, we created a G-Accon Facebook user group. The purpose of this group is to discuss any questions, issues, ideas or feature requests related to our various G-Accon integrations. You can now dispel your doubts and find the solution to your G-Accon-associated issue in this group.

What is G-Accon for Xero?

G-Accon for Xero is the Google Accounting Connector that seamlessly integrates Google Spreadsheets with Xero Online and synchronizes data in both directions.

G-Accon is a powerful tool for accountants, advisors, bookkeepers, and business owners to customize and automate reporting, consolidate data, import data in bulk, build charts and dashboards, manipulate data using the power and convenience of Google Sheets. Our customers consistently report increased productivity and enormous time savings on reporting, data entry, reconciliation workflows.

What G-Accon for Xero offers to its clients?

 – Easily connect to multiple Xero companies/clients and pull real-time reports & data into Google Spreadsheets. 

– Make changes to your data in Google Sheets and push it back to Xero automatically or with just One Click. 

– No need to manually export/import data. You can now use G-Accon to automatically sync Google Sheets with Xero in both directions

– Automatically generate standard and customized financial reports and schedule them to refresh hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. Share these reports to your clients through emails in real-time.

– Automatically upload data to 20+ Xero tables directly from Google Sheets (create/update invoices, quotes, purchase orders, bank transactions, manual journals, etc.)

– Connect your spreadsheets to Google Charts, Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI, Looker, or any other BI software to build interactive BI dashboards and charts. The dashboards will be automatically populated and refreshed by the G-Accon add-on

– Easily consolidate data, build custom reports, and publish live charts and dashboards to a website. 

– Automatically Refresh Queries and Reports in Google Sheets for all organizations in just One Click

– Automate/Schedule Auto Uploads

– Get Unlimited Xero Accounting Data, Projects, Assets and Payroll (AU, UK, NZ) Data

– Automate Alerts, Backup Data, and Email Notifications

– Create, Modify, Delete and Upload Objects

– Multi-currency conversion (160+ currencies)

– Premium Support, Technical Solutions, and Demos