We are excited to be introducing another highly-requested feature – Audit Trail. G-Accon introduced this module which allows our users to view a History & Notes summary for accounting transactions and user activities.
By using this module, G-Accon users will be able to view an audit trail of the notes recorded against their organization’s transactions.

Our users will be able to pull Xero tables/objects and select the desired attributes. There is a set of filters available to build the query and narrow the search even further. The order functionality allows the user to build the query based on a specific order (by filters, fields ID, ascending or descending date, and more).

The process is very similar to the Get Accounting Data feature, but the only restriction is that each template’s date range is limited to 30 days to avoid any timeouts, interruptions, or failures.

History & Notes Activity

By selecting Get Accounting Data History/Notes, users will be able to see a history of the changes made to each transaction and any attached notes. History & Notes data includes bank transactions, invoices, contacts, manual journals, pre-payments, payments, overpayments, and much more. For example, the History & Notes section of a paid invoice shows the creation and approval dates, paid and sent dates, and any other additional notes. 

The History & Notes Activity module summarizes the History and Notes across multiple Xero organizations, the branding history, and more. Users can search for all activity by specific Date Range (static or dynamic). 

You can manually or automatically refresh history and notes activities by using the G-Accon automation process.