We are living through a very unprecedented time right now. It can be hard to stay on track and organized with your work.

G-Accon is here to make this a little bit easier to do. With the workspace as a whole becoming more virtual, we at G-Accon have noticed this and have adapted. G-Accon is helping to increase the productivity of our customers by incorporating Google technology, mobile and remote access, and by using applications like Chargebee, Mailchimp, Google, and Zoom for internal meetings, meetings with customers, webinars, demo, and customer training.

With G-Accon, you have the ability to automate reporting, emails, and alerts, upload data in bulk, save custom templates in the Cloud, and much more. G-Accon connects Google spreadsheets with various Cloud Accounting and CRM tools for your convenience, including software like Xero, QuickBooks, and Hubspot. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that your business is able to seamlessly adapt to working remotely or switching back to in-person activities.

This period of the world has shown us how crucial it is to be able to operate your business from anywhere. G-Accon has been able to come up with additional features that users may find particularly helpful in these times. For example, with G-Accon, users can now generate New Trial Balance, Income Statement Turnover, Profit and Loss Turnover reports, and pull Audit Trail for their business using Google Sheets and G-Accon.

Furthermore, users also have functionalities like the ability to create various reports on business measures such as Profit and Loss, Cash Flows, Invoices, and more. 

G-Accon is here to help provide stability and easy-to-use functionalities that will be sure to help you during these turbulent times. You can take advantage of G-Accon and our technology wherever you may go. You now have instant access to your data, analytics, and your various visualization methods right at your fingertips. The future may be hard to predict, but G-Accon will be with you every step of the way to make sure your business continues to thrive.