G-Accon for Xero Release Notes 4/18/18

G-Accon development team just finished a new release and added new features. Check them out!

1. Now you can modify, update or delete query or report metadata.

Click on query/report name to modify request metadata or press delete  button to remove created pull mapping.

2. Added dynamic date range – To and From dates will be dynamically calculated based on the selected period.

3. Date range dates can now be populated from Google Sheet cells.

4. Queries ids can be set as a Google sheet range.

5. A new pull settings have been added:
Display only account codes will omit account names and will display only account codes.
Freeze Data Table Header will freeze header row.
Mapping Name (optional) – use it to assign custom name to the report or query mappings.

6. Refresh Current and Refresh All added status screens.

7. Added multi organization support.

8. Fiscal and calendar years are now supported

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Happy Accounting!

G-Accon Team

G-Accon for Hubspot

Dear friends!
We are happy to announce, that, since February 2018, we have added one more integration product to our family: G-Accon for Hubspot.

Currently it is in early proof-of-concept status, with improvements and additions made almost every day. At this moment, following tables are available to download into Google spreadsheet:

  • Blogs
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Calendar Events
  • Companies
  • Contact Lists
  • Contacts
  • Deal Pipelines
  • Deal Properties
  • Deals
  • Email Events
  • Owners
  • PublishingChannels
  • Subscriptions
  • Workflows

As always, we are eager for your feedback. Please contact us – by emailing to support@accon.services, or leaving comment in this blog, with any concerns or suggestions.